Meet Leonie van Dorssen

by - May 2023

An open door
Being open allows me to quickly connect with people. So, when I heard Brand Potential would come to Amsterdam and they immediately connected me, my initial thought was, time for a cup of coffee! The rest is history…’

In this fast-moving creative and commercial environment, I prefer to do everything with a bit of humor. That gives a healthy sense of perspective, which is often helpful. What I believe in as well is collaboration. I am loyal to the team and to the client. With optimal collaboration, the right chemistry is created, and from there, the most optimal result is created. 

When head meets heart
The most important thing I have learned is to always keep going and trust my intuition. The creation of a spot-on design comes from a combination of my head and heart when designing. My intuition leads me on the right path to hit the core of the brand. That balance that arises and trusting it is the most beautiful thing I have learned. Additionally, you are never done learning through this process, and the possibilities are endless.

Finding the right words
Talking about learning… One thing I am really good at is Googling words. I am dyslexic, so long live the internet. In the past, my dyslexia was a burden, now it provides for fun wordplay. Over the years, I have learned to embrace something that used to hinder me.

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