Packaging, Brand building

Albert Heijn

Creative and strategic partner to a private label.

“Creating at this pace takes a lot of effort. Millford manages to exceed our expectations every day.”

- Jeroen Provoost, Director Design & Own Brands Albert Heijn

Eyes on the Price

Our greatest reward is the appreciation of consumers that buy our products and the chemistry we have with our clients. However, we're also very proud to see our work receive awards in local and international design and packaging festivals.

“Working for a retailer like Albert Heijn is nothing like working for an FMCG brand. The volumes are much higher and the pace is so much faster. As an organization, you must be able to keep up.”

- Sascha Goutier, Account Director Millford

“Private label has not been secondary for a very long time. Albert Heijn’s positioning in each category is based on the company’s intrinsic strength.”

- Tahir Idouri, Creative Director Millford
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