Brand Potential Talks: What is a good idea?

by Brand Potential - January 2024

Part of our Brand Potential Talks series – Lifting the lid at Brand Potential

What is a good idea?

Simple question, not a simple answer.

But here goes…

At Brand Potential we believe in investing in creativity.

It’s an investment.

It’s an investment because it takes time, energy, passion, motivation, experience, collaboration, and knowhow.

Creativity doesn’t just happen, it’s a byproduct of the investment we put in. Ideas are the result of nurture. Nurture through conversation, discussion, disagreement, failure, problem solving and inspiration.

Therefore, to be creative we need to invest. 

And this starts with Investing in ourselves, our ideas and how we nurture and transform them into things that create new memory structures. Things that stick with you.

This mindset isn’t easy and in order to nurture this behaviour we need to take care of our creative self.


As a creative person in a creative business, being busy with what we do isn’t always good. Just because we know how, doesn’t mean we can, unless we remember what makes a good idea.

We need to focus on what is distinctive and memourable. Jumping between many ideas isn’t necessarily better - Less focus, less quality, less distinctive. 

We need to make stronger memories by engaging our senses, by associating moments with senses to create new distinctive experiences and memories through the ideas we create. To make things stick in the audience’s mind.

Creativity therefore in my opinion is an attitude and a behaviour, and something that needs a healthy mind.


Being creativity healthy means we can start to think differently, creating the space needed to find the right inspiration and define the stories to make an idea truly great.

Just working, is foolish work. The time you need to be a creative individual isn’t attached to a screen, working faster and harder. The way our brains and memories work mean that we are designed to forget. Forget the everyday, the sameness the less important.

Good ideas need different. Different places, different experiences, different points of view. Quality over pure quantity.

It really comes down to some very basic truths.

  • Make what we design and create Memourable.
  • Make our ideas and their stories Motivating.
  • Ensure that our ideas are Truthful. Truthful to brand and the creator.


Memourable, Motivating & Truthful

At Brand Potential Amsterdam we are a brand strategy and creative agency that strives to transform brands in this way. Not all ideas live and breathe but the ones that we are most proud of need to deliver on Memourable. Motivating and Truthful.

This year, we at Brand Potential are going to invest in ourselves. So that we become better. Better creatives, better idea makers and better at being truthful to ourselves and our ideas.


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