Meet Nienke Beerens

by BP - May 2023

Guess who’s back

Hi, I am Nienke and I am temporarily replacing Joyce (Vaes), as she is on maternity leave, and thus joining the account team at Brand Potential. About 5 years ago I had a sneak preview in the ‘kitchen’ at this company formerly known as Milford. Had a great 4 weeks there with super nice people, interesting clients, and challenging projects. So hey, when they ask you to join again, who would say ‘no’?!


The Iron Lady

I hope people see me as clear-cut, structured and pleasant to work with. If you get to know me a little better however, you will notice I can be quite ‘animated’ sometimes but that’s only when I feel at ease. Which brings me to my number one hobby that makes me truly relax after a hard day’s work: ironing.


Straightforward fun

I know one should always have dreams and goals to achieve, but to be honest; I’m a very lucky person with all live gives me nowadays. Which brings me to my personal motto: “Always be straightforward and have fun in what you’re doing!”.

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