Meet Quinten Guichelaar

by Brand Potential - June 2023

Small town, big ambitions
After I graduated as a graphic designer, I started my first job as an artworker when I was 21 years old at Reggs. And, although I have always worked in the big city, I am the opposite of a ‘city person’. I love the ‘small town life’. Sometimes I wonder how it would be to just live in a cabin and enjoy nature every day…… Ah, Heerhugowaard will do just fine for now.


Mr. Perfect
As an artworker at Brand Potential, my primary responsibility is ensuring the flawless delivery of design files. With a knack for swift and precise work, I thrive on these challenges and remain composed even in demanding situations, avoiding stress. It probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone that I am keeping my eye out for all the developments around AI nowadays. Because this could enable us to enhance quality and increase efficiency even more. Perfection is a beautiful thing!


Does luck always run out? 
My girlfriend always says: “You are so good at being lucky”. She might be right actually. I call myself lucky to do this job that fits me like a glove. But also, to have so many amazing people around me. I can only hope to continue to do the artwork on the most beautiful designs for all these companies, and to be able to admire them in store or somewhere. Will I be this lucky? Only time will tell.


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