Brand Potential Talks: 3 Online mentors you can start learning from today

by Brand Potential Netherlands - March 2024

3 Online mentors you can start learning from today.

Throughout my life I have come across many mentors that have helped me build my professional career. Some of them were offline but I came across others online. In this post, I would like to introduce you to 3 amazing online mentors you can start learning from right now.

Chris Do
from The Futur
People who have worked with me know that I love to talk about Chris Do and his company The Futur. Ever since I was in design school, Chris Do has been an abundant source of knowledge and wisdom for me; from design tips and tricks all the way to strategy, business, and sales. The most valuable tool for me right now is his podcast called “The Futur With Chris Do”, in which he has in depth conversations with different professionals from all over the creative industry. You can find his content on almost all social media platforms.

Marty Neumeier
Marty Neumeier was the first person that helped me clearly understand what branding is and what it isn’t. He has some great talks and podcast appearances about branding you can find on Youtube, as well as multiple books and a handy website with some great tools you can copy. 

Aaron Draplin
Aaron Draplin has helped me tremendously with discovering my workflow. He taught me to trust the process, keep everything live and never delete anything because “vectors are free”. There are some amazing talks of his you can watch on Youtube. Every time he talks about our industry it inspires me and reminds me how f*cking fun it is!

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what these amazing people have to offer.
I would highly recommend checking out their socials.

Chris Do
Spotify:                        The Futur with Chris Do
Instagram:                  thechrisdo
LinkedIn:                     Chris Do
Youtube:                     The futur

Marty Neumeier
LinkedIn:                     Marty Neumeir
Youtube:                      Search for Marty Neumeir

Aaron Draplin
Instagram:                  draplin
Youtube:                     Search for Aaron Draplin

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