Brand Potential Talks: Do you need to be creative as a PM?

by Brand Potential Netherlands - February 2024

Do you need to be creative as a Project Manager at a creative agency?

Being a Project Manager at Brand Potential, you might wonder if having an innate creative flair is a must.

The truth is you don't need to be a Picasso or creative, but understanding it definitely helps, adding richness to the role.

In this everchanging environment, the real game-changer is the ability to think creatively about what the client wants.

As a Project Manager, you might not be wielding the Wacom pen, but you're the one in tune with the client's needs. Understanding their vision and decoding creative challenges become your forte.

During creative sessions and project reviews, a little creative thinking comes in handy. It's not about crafting designs (leave that to the designers) but appreciating the creative nuances and finding that truth that aligns with the client's expectations.

Being a creative genius isn't a job requirement, but having a creative mindset is the secret. It's the ability to understand and interpret creative needs, ensuring the final product is not just a project but a masterpiece that resonates with the client's vison.

- Quirine, Project Manager

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