Brand Potential Talks: Does discomfort lead to personal growth?

by Brand Potential Netherlands - February 2024

Stepping out of my comfort zone

How stepping out of my comfort zone led to unexpected growth...

Stepping out of my comfort zone felt like trying to fold a fitted sheet - confusing, a bit messy, but ultimately rewarding. Transitioning into a creative agency from an entirely different professional background was like introducing a giraffe to a herd of penguins.

The allure of this agency wasn't just the work; it was the dynamic people and the contagious teambuilding spirit that beckoned me. Sure, I had to trade my spreadsheets for some color palettes, but the discomfort of the unknown was the canvas on which I painted a new chapter of my career.

Like a chameleon at a rainbow convention, adapting to the vibrant atmosphere became both a challenge and a source of personal growth.

Today, I'm still learning, occasionally mixing up design briefs with coffee orders, but the journey has been nothing short of spectacular. Stepping out of my comfort zone wasn't just about changing jobs; it was about embracing a mindset that welcomed challenges as stepping-stones to success.

So, if you're contemplating a leap into the unfamiliar, remember, sometimes all it takes is a bit if discomfort to succeed in your professional and personal growth.

- Kelly, Junior Project Manager

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