Brand Potential Talks: How to build a united team?

by Brand Potential - January 2024

Part of our Brand Potential Talks series – Lifting the lid at Brand Potential


How to build a united team?

If you've been following us on LinkedIn, you can't have missed it. We haven't been lying idle over the past year. Job openings were popping up left and right. In no time, we managed to assemble an incredibly strong team. Looking back, it's something to be extremely proud of. In the moment, at times it felt challenging. 22 New people in less than a year is a lot.


Now they're on board, the real challenge begins.


Because did your gut feeling prove right? Is this the perfect match you were looking for? If there's one thing I've listened to over the past year, it's my gut feeling.


We knew that everyone we approached were strong professionals. They were all talented creatives, designers, artworkers, project managers, or account managers. Thinkers, doers, and helpers, each one of them. But that's only

part of the puzzle. Do they also have that extra sparkle we were looking for? Are they enthusiastic? Motivated? Passionate? Would you want to sit next to them at Christmas? Will this group of people create magic together? Will they enjoy being with each other?


We were building the plane while flying it, at full throttle, busier than ever.


Now, in retrospect, we can confidently say that we have succeeded. We've gathered a team of 30 top-notch individuals. Each one of them great, but together, truly golden.


Every day, we're building a little more on our unique Brand Potential culture. A culture where transparency, sincerity, creativity, and entrepreneurship take center stage.


We must do it together. That means being there for each other and being willing to go the extra mile for each other. All while keeping an eye on the needs of each individual. Continuously checking in on how everyone is doing.


Are you doing well?

Are you comfortable in your role?

What are your goals?

How can we help you achieve them?


It creates space for genuine conversations. It's the foundation of a happy workplace.


Our people are our most important asset. They are responsible for the quality and creativity we deliver every day. They are Brand Potential.


– Sanne

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