Brand Potential Talks: Is real-life experience needed?

by Brand Potential Netherlands - February 2024

Real-world experience

When I was studying design at college, I had a group of teachers who were working as teachers while on their own studies.

30 to 40 year old lecturers who never left education, always wanted to improve their knowledge. 

Of course, there's no problem with learn as much as you like, but the negative side I experienced is that these individuals were teaching us how the creative industry worked.


Growth, learning and understanding is born of experience. These educators had no real-world experience to speak of.

In my situation, because of their lack of industry experience, we didn't learn the basics of design, software, and creativity but focused on how to think like an artist. Heavily over indexing on being an artist (remember, it's not art school) and how to behave in outlandish ways.

We were told, become an artist otherwise you would end up as an artworker for the rest of your life...


After graduation, I became an Artworker in a design agency, and I was told that young artworkers were a hard find. The first thing I thought was: That's because educators are discouraging people to become one and find their own path.

I think the point here is: Don't be discouraged by the people that pigeonhole you. Find your own path, learn your creative craft, and go get real world experience. Then and only then can you know of it's right for you.

- Quinten, Creative Artworker


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