Brand Potential Talks: What are the creative zones?

by Brand Potential Netherlands - January 2024

Part of our Brand Potential Talks series – Lifting the lid at Brand Potential


What are the creative zones?

I was shown a sketch many years ago that illustrated 4 creative zones – states of being. At the time I though nothing of it. Clever but slightly annoy diagram for something we all know already. Time passed, and I came across this diagram again. This time it spoke to me and now I see its value.

There are 4 zone or mindsets that as a creative or in fact business you can find yourself in.

1. The Comfort Zone

  • You are comfortable
  • You are safe
  • You are in control
  • You are low risk 
  • The result is often low reward

This zone is great, comfortable, at time necessary, but it doesn’t stretch you.

2. The Panic Zone

  • You are in panic 
  • You are operating under stress
  • You are finding excuses
  • You are affected by others and their opinions
  • You are low in confidence

This zone isn’t great, it eats at you, with makes you doubt yourself, but sometimes isn’t necessary to transition through.

3. The Learning Zone

  • You are open
  • You are extending your comfort zone
  • You are learning new skills
  • You are able to face new challenges
  • You are problem solving
  • You are proactive

This zone and mindset is liberating, and the result of letting go and at times a lot of hard work.

4. The Growth Zone

  • You are growing
  • You are self-confident
  • You are achieving the objective you have set
  • And setting new ones
  • You are finding your purpose
  • You are positive 

This zone can feel unattainable, but if you get there very rewarding. You are open, positive and purposeful in your expression.

Which one are you in? Which one is your business in? It’s good to use this as a bit of self-reflection tool. Me personally I’m in zone 3. My mindset is about change. Not change for change’s sake but as a creative leader in a growing business you need to be ready to face new challenges, think on your feet and be ready for what’s next.

I have this diagram printed and framed on my deck. A personal reminder to continual reframe my mindset and embrace the new.

– Guillaume

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