Brand Potential Talks: Where does good brand strategy start?

by Brand Potential Netherlands - February 2024

Where does good brand strategy start?

Well, at the beginning off course.

And no, that's not the brand's essence, values, or personality.

That is the end. The result.

Good brand strategy starts outside these 'models' and one-liners it's usually wrapped up in.

A thorough analysis of the context is where it all begins.

Where business, consumer en society meet are where the best insights are found. It's those insights on which a unique and impactful brand story can be created.

Because good strategy always starts with a story. A truth.

And how do you know if you've succeeded?

Well, you'll notice that filling in all the empty squares of your Brand Key, Brand House, or whatever you call your brand model, becomes merely a formality.

- Helmer, Insights & Strategy

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