Meet Claudia van Vliet

by Brand Potential Netherlands - March 2023

‘For me, being an artworker is like solving a puzzle'

A beautiful challenge
Let me first introduce myself. I am Claudia van Vliet and I am from Beverwijk. My previous employer was Guts & Glorious in Hilversum. I joined Brand Potential because I was looking for a new challenge and working closer to home was a bonus. People describe me as a social, positive person who is always happy about life. And someone who doesn't shy away from a challenge. I like working together, because together we can make something truly beautiful.

The art in artworker
After completing my education at the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam, I knew I wanted to become an artworker. After a lot of corporate work, I finally ended up in packaging. This is what I enjoy doing the most. I see being an artworker as making a puzzle. You are going to bring all the elements together, accurate to the millimeter to solve the puzzle. I still call it “art working” because I don't think DTP is quite the right word. Yes, nowadays everything is done by computer, but when I started a lot was still drawn by hand. I still cherish this feeling.

A family full of ambition
My ambition is to always deliver high quality. I don't want to do everything, but what I do I want to do well. Just like my children. I have a son and daughter who play football. My 19-year-old son at the local club in the first Saturday team. My daughter at Ajax at the talent academy and at the Dutch national team under 17. Because of this we drive all over the country to bring and watch. Sometimes also abroad. I love how this takes me to all these new places. Nothing beats standing alongside the pitch, sucking in some the fresh air and watching my kids achieving their ambitions.

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