Meet Helmer Molenaar

by Brand Potential Netherlands - January 2023

"Understand the context and you'll find the essence."

The right vibes
Hello Brand Potential! You came at the right time and with the right vibes. A nice mix of uniqueness, confidence and expectation. For me, you are the opportunity to fully immerse myself in brand strategy again. And, more importantly, also in the creative world of design. There is no better place to work with brands than where you see their identity being born on the drawing board. 

Enough about Brand Potential, let's talk about me. Ex-market researcher, ex-renewalist, ex-project leader of a light festival, ex-psychology student and...... ex-poker player. A content-driven, critical and strategic thinker who likes to let his imagination speak. A mind that is always “on” and constantly looking for those elements in a story that could make the difference. 

Search for the essence
If I work on your brand, we will start this search for the essence together. We dive into the history and identity of the brand and look at what connections we can make with broader social developments, consumer needs of today and your own ambitions. Before you know it, there will be a story as a solid base on which the new brand world can be shaped.

Political potential
Let me conclude by unveiling a secret wish. I would love to do all this for a political party. I won't mention names, but many lose themselves by wanting to cater to everybody’s needs and become adrift. Seems like a challenging task to determine together where to throw the anchor out.

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