Meet Janneke Visser

by Brand Potential - September 2023

Happy Holidays in the Supermarket

When we're on holiday, it's always the same story. My partner and I inevitably lose each other in the local supermarket. He fills our basket in a jiffy, and then has to come looking for me between the aisles because I'm once again engrossed in the packaging. So while he's focused on what we should have for dinner that night, my mind is somewhere between 'consumer touchpoints' and 'shelf impact'. Yes, the passion for retail (especially packaging) sometimes goes a bit too far! How cool is it that I can now work at Brand Potential and design packaging for the bluest supermarket in the Netherlands?

Precision and Decisiveness

I often hear that I can be rather precise; indeed, I painted the skirting board behind the wardrobe in the attic, I make sure my racing bike is always spick and span, and I don't hesitate to change the oil in my motorbike often. At work, I can easily lose myself in exploring a wide product range and bringing structure to it.

Being True to Yourself

For me, designing a brand is magical; we can create an entirely new world from scratch. It's an incredibly interesting process to witness and grow into over the coming years. I strongly believe in following the way elite athletes approach life when it comes to (personal) growth. Annie Thorisdottir, named "Fittest Woman on Earth" three years in a row, is a shining example of that for me. Performing at your best while remaining true to yourself benefits both people and brands.

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