Meet Quirine Slot

by Brand Potential - October 2023

Dancing with the stars

Let me start out by saying: I love to be surrounded by talent. That makes me enjoy my work and it makes me eager to learn. Because in the end I think becoming very good at something starts with the enjoyment of doing it. That’s also how I became a professional dancer and a pretty good speed skater in two of my ‘previous lives’. The dedication and fun have always been there, the will to win no matter what maybe not so much.

Energy from creativity

So, two months ago I started my job as a Junior Project Manager with the same dedication. I noticed that my main challenge is multitasking between all the projects running simultaneously. But I think that's also the most fun. It challenges me to be creative in finding solutions. Which is good, because working in a creative environment with creative people is where I get the most energy from.

A compass called intuition 

When push came to shove, I have always followed my heart during my career. I am an honest person, also towards myself. I know very well what I want and how I can achieve these things. When my intuition tells me to do something, I just have to do it. And hey, it’s what brought me to this great place called Brand Potential this time. So, I think it is still very reliable.

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