Meet Wieke Kneib

by Brand Potential Netherlands - March 2023

‘I empower organizations and employees to achieve their desired goals '

Commercial & creative
How fun is it to work at an organization that plays in the Champions League? A lot of fun! Since February, I have been working as HR Manager a.i. at Brand Potential. It's the first time I've worked in such a creative environment. In a relatively small team, they work hard on the well-known brands we all encounter in the supermarket. Their creations make the world a lot more beautiful.

Empowering people
I have been working in the HR profession for many years now at different organizations and in all kinds of industries; technical, legal, profit and non-profit. Since a few years I work as an interim HR professional and coach. The combination of coaching and HR work makes for a very diverse workweek. I get my satisfaction from the fact that by coaching, guiding, and advising, I can empower organizations and employees to achieve their desired goals.

Keeping fresh
The nice thing about ad interim work is that you are constantly working with new organizations and meeting new people. I enjoy how people talk about their work and organization with enthusiasm and passion. In addition, the HR profession is very diverse and constantly evolving. It is never boring, so for the time being I would very much like to keep doing what I am doing.

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