Vertex Award | Gold

by Sabrina Mantjes - May 2021

Hear Hear!
We have won a GOLDEN Vertex Award for AH Ice Cream.

Together with AH we restyled their private label ice cream packaging. This new no nonsense design is simpel, yet mouthwathering and tasty. The concept makes you feel as if you are standing in the gelateria and you can literally look into the ice cream tubs and see how you get a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor.

A record number of entries from 41 countries represented the absolute best in package design from around the globe regardless of who owns the brand. This year’s competition included more than 600 entries and 38 retailers.

Congratulations to Albert Heijn, Tobias Reymond foto | film and everbody on the Millford team.
For more info about the Vertex awards & the golden winning designs, click here!

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